Money Heist Season 5 Big Announcement

Out of criminal drama collection, an extreme fanbase has been gained by Money Heist. The Spanish series' next season is eagerly awaited by many across the globe. Netflix has released a total of four seasons of Money Heist to date. Now, the rumor breaks are churning news about the affirmation of Currency Heist's next season.
Money Heist Season 4 ended on a cliff hanger. On the format, the fourth season didn't shut, unlike season 2. The bloodshed in the season was ramped as compared to some of the seasons. Well, this indicates that the upcoming season is confirmed as the ending is the way. So here is everything you need to know about the next installment of the series.
Netflix has not yet officially confirmed whether MOney Heist will be returning for a fifth season or not. However, Alex Pina, the creator of the show gave hints & confirmed that it will be coming back in a recent interview with Deadline.
Money Heist Season 5  release date

He confirmed the news ahead of his latest series White Lines landing on Netflix to the publication.
After he revealed it was coming, he added he couldn't reveal any more or "Netflix will put a bomb in my house". There are even some rumors the show has been commissioned for seasons fire & six on the streaming platform, according to Marca this has left fans wondering when exactly the series could be back on Netflix for them to binge-watch.
The first season was released in May of 2017 while part two came in October 2017. Then there was a 21 months delay before part 3 dropped on Netflix in July 2019 & season 4 was then released 9 months
later in April 2020. Seasons one and two were filmed back to back while three and four followed suit. Therefore, if the same schedule is applied for 5 & 6, viewers could be waiting until late 2021 or even 2022 to see more of the show. With an expected delay in filming, we're probably going to see the series return at later than the actual scheduled time.
However, as per most Netflix Original projects, they're currently on hold until the Coronavirus epidemic concludes. That could lead inevitably to a later release date.

According to Spanish site El Pais, filming was scheduled to start mid-May but this was postponed indefinitely. So these all factors are definitely going to affect the production & release date of our much loved and anticipated crime drama.

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