The Best Exercises to Improve Brain Function

The answer to that is that we know the most about aerobic exercise. It is an exercise that increases your heart rate. We know the most about the positive effects of that. There's a little bit of evidence that spring training can also be positive but there's not as much evidence there how much you have to do it somewhere between walking which I should say walking alone will improve your mood as well and you don't have to become a triathlete. It's going to be something like three times to four times a week getting your aerobic activity up, but I will put it really depends where you start from. It's not like if you have no activity at all that you suddenly have to increase the three times a week in mediately to get those effects for if you already have a good exercise routine, you might have to increase that even more to get the maximum benefit. what time of day is critical early morning first thing in the morning next?
The Best Exercise to Improve Brain Function

Size is beneficial because it is increasing all those neural transmitters all those growth factors at a time right before you need to use your brain to learn and remember so contrast that with the end of the day exercise, you can still benefit from that. So you're not required to use your brain most of us after we go home after a workout. So my recommendation is always to maximize the effects of exercise for your daily cognitive functions. Do it first thing in the morning

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