Mind Tricks To Learn Anything faster,  Rightway To Study In Exams

Do you often wonder and feel confused about how to approach the big answers. Do you spend a lot of time wondering how will you learn this big answer and do you spend a lot of time on it? Even after spending a lot of time learning big answers do you remember them or forget them. If yes then don't worry we have got you covered. We are getting some most interesting mind techniques to learn anything faster and in the most interesting way.
Learn easily and faster

1. Study, Sleep And Study

A research was done on Two groups of Students, First group of students studied in the morning again in the evening. The second group of students studied In the evening slept in the night again studied in the morning. In this research, it was found the Second group who followed Study, Sleep and Study got 50% better marks than the first group.

It is because after studying we need to register it in our mind and proper sleep plays a vital role in registering the collected data in our mind. So, Whenever you're to memorize something learn it before going to bed and again learn it after waking up in the morning. This trick will help you to memorize data for a long period of time.

2. Mnemonics

We all are aware of this technique. We have to collect a lot of information in our brain which is quite difficult. In this case, We can use the mnemonics technique.
Whatever you want to remember, Take some keywords of what you want to remember and make a weird story with those words which you selected. This is the way to compress the data and fit into your mind.

3. Say It loud

If you want to learn something and want it to be remembered for so long, learn it while speaking it loudly.  This tricks really helps to process the data in our mind.

4. Become a Director

If you're to learn social science, history, become a director and whatever you read make it your script and start imaging a picture of it in your mind. Also, draw it on the paper using this way a lot of data will be compressed in only a picture imagined by you.

5. Find Your Own Style

All students do not have the same style for study. According to a phycologist Howard Gardner we all have multiple intelligence but not all are so strong but out of them some are strong. which intelligence is strong it varies from person to person so whenever you see your friends studying in different ways don't try to follow them. maybe that's not your style and maybe you learn better by Audiovisual or by writing it. So, it very important to find your style and study according to it.


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