Anger Management is very important for a good social life

Have you ever gotten so mad with someone ? that you ended up doing something that you really regret it
afterwards I've done that so many times I can't even count them when we lose our temper we lose some control of our minds and bodies at that moment that's just what anger can do to us it takes over us and makes us say do things that we would normally never say or do because we're not fully thinking straight when we're mad which is why we need to learn to manage anger right that way were always in control of what we say and do and there wouldn't be any regrets later on so how do we go about managing our anger well whenever I get mad I like to practice what I call the ABCDE steps the five steps which helped me manage my anger a stands for awareness before I can do anything about my anger.

I first have to be aware of it if not and it just takes over and it's like I'm on a roller coaster but not at all a fun one so when I feel myself getting mad I focused on the anger and I even think to myself oh look I've started to lose my temper.
Stands for breathing once I'm aware that I'm getting angry the next thing is to do something about it so pi3 I take deep breaths as many as I need to take to start to calm my body down in fact deep breathing is not only
good for when you're feeling mad but also when you feeling sad or nervous try it it really does work.
Stands for counting I count in between my deep breaths.
For distance if I've done it right by the time I've done steps a B and C I've calmed down enough to not need it but if I'm still feeling out of sorts I'll put some distance between myself and the person that made me mad usually I'll go for a walk outside and e stands for Express no not the Express train but expressing myself now that I'm , and more in control of my emotions I express my anger and the reasons for my anger to the other person basically I make sure they understand the cause of my anger and we talk about it talking about anything especially something that upsetting is very important because you both get to see each other's point of view and talk it out so there you go that's ABCDE wanna recap a stands for being aware that you're angry be deep breathing C counting to ten real slow the distance between yourself and the person that made you mad and E expressing yourself try these five steps
the next time you lose your temper and let me know how it goes I would really love to hear from you you can leave me a comment in the comment section below.

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