What is Self-Awareness

There are some most essential Life skillsSelf-Awareness is one of them.
Life skills are capabilities for adaptive and positive behavior that allow humans to deal effectively with the requirements and difficulties of life which is also known as  psychosocial competence

Self Awareness implies one's ability to recognize himself after which he can impartially find strengths and weaknesses to work on it.
Once we start self-introspection we get two of our sides. One Positive side and the other one is Negative. After self-introspection Improve your positive factors and get rid of negative factors.

Why is it Important

Self-awareness is important because it helps in better recognition of ourselves, eventually makes us feel as different and separate individuals. 
As a result of better self-awareness, our strengths and weaknesses are very clear to us and would allow getting rid of weak points.
on the other hand, in the absence of self-awareness, we would not be able to find out our weaknesses but others will easily see them. This could reflect a negative impression of ourselves. 
Most of the confusion occurs because of less self-awareness which can be solved by self-consciousness. A little attention to yourself can become the reason for the biggest change in your life such as a healthy environment and changed lifestyle with a sense of a new identity that always existed but never turned out.
Concept of self Awareness

How to be Self-Aware

Xenocentric requires that you first be aware that you are a creative and conscious being a created self-awareness is observing being able to objectively watch what's happening inside of you as if it was happening to someone else it is the Observer that is in each of us. We are all born aware as we grow our sense of self-awareness develops and allows us to observe at a deeper level what we think what we feel what we say and what we do Consciousness is a part of your awareness that eventually branches off as it becomes shaped by the sources of influence in our everyday lives parents teachers here is even society as a whole
How to be self awareThis how we normally experience ourselves and how we think we are perceived by the world around us.
Being self-conscious which is fueled by a fear of rejection is when we make judgments about ourselves based on our perception as well as how we think we're being perceived by others.
When we're being self-conscious, it's typically characterized by what we call our monkey mind internal dialogue where our negative self-talk.
I'm not as smart as most people I'm not good enough. I'm too fat. My nose is too big. I'm too this. I'm too that I'm always I never do any of this sound familiar. Have you ever told yourself something along those lines?
About a situation that makes you nervous. Maybe it's giving a presentation. And if you hate giving presentations, have you ever listened to what you tell yourself before you gave one, maybe something along the lines of I'm not funny or witty. This is going to be a train wreck. What if someone asks a question? I can't answer. You know, I'm going to look like a complete idiot. If I screw this up, this is our self-critic talking it repeat this message over and over and it can often be meaner and harsher toward us and we've ever been towards anyone else and wants our self-critic has successfully convinced us that we are somehow subpar and less than worthwhile. We start to put measures into place to protect ourselves and to avoid rejection and painful situations when we are consumed with protecting defending and managing how others perceive us he gets in the way.
We get in our way of being aware and being who we are. This keeps us from bringing our true self into relationships with others and it keeps others from doing the same with us. The result is that nobody authentically shows up instead we continue to run on autopilot and simply go through the motions but really who's in control, it's you you are you might think it's yourself critic, but it's you and even though you're self-critical always be with you you are the decider and you get to control what you focus on two by focusing on your awareness on your Observer and watching yourself from a distance. You can make some observations. I'm being self-conscious right now. I'm feeling calm and happy or I'm experiencing anxiety and stress.
Enter the simple statement of observation. You are better equipped to choose to be your authentic self.

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