Want to play PUBG like a pro to win all matches

Here are some Tips And Tricks which will help you a lot while playing PUBG and let you win all matches like a pro player.

Settings are everything:

First of all, make sure you're comfortable with its settings and controls.
Control plays a significant roll in this game.

Customize PUBG Mobile controls

The first thing you should do in PUBG Mobile is to change the controls. Once you open the game go to Settings (gear icon) > Controls > Customise.
Customized PUBG Mobile Controls

Peek from Behind Cover

You can enable this by going to Settings > Basic and tapping Enable next to Peek & Fire.

Automatically Pick up Loot

his setting allows you to pick up guns and ammo just by walking over these. Go to Settings > Pick Up. Now Enable Auto Pick-Up.

Enable Open Scope & Hold to Lean In Settings

Enable Open Scope & Hold to Lean In Settings
Once you go with this setting you will be able to fire when you peek. It helps to shoot without being spotted.

Quick Scope

This is a very useful setting when you want to change your scope quickly. It will allow you to change your scope very quickly

Quick Scope
open Settings. – Now tap on the tab of 'Scope' from the tabs on the right side then Enable quick scope.

Now you are  all done with settings so its time to make a strategy

Strategize from the start:

While fighting for the top spot in a battle royale that heavily depends on survival, a good strategy is the most important thing. And, the strategy needs to begin even before you fall your way down to the map. Do a little research on the areas on the map that offer the most loot and also know the zones that are high risk. That way you’d be one step ahead from the very start.

Be a Team Player

Going solo feels like the heroic thing to do, But it isn’t the most recommended way of winning the match. Try to stick with your team as it guarantees that you will last longer. Communicate with your team and help them if they are injured, and most players would reciprocate. Turning on your voice chat also helps guide other team players, but make sure you mute the annoying ones as they can prove to be your greatest distraction.

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