How life skills are important in Coronavirus Disease

There are a lot of skills such as money-making skills or any field you're perfect in, you can call it your skill. But none of them is going to work in this pandemic and fortunately, we do have some skills called life skills.
These skills can help us overcome any situation in our life. Some core life skills include:

    • Self-awareness
    • Empathy
    • Critical thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Decision making
    • Problem Solving
    • Effective communication
    • Interpersonal relationship

                      How life skills are important in Coronavirus Disease
                      The importance of life skills during this pandemic attack is the key to survival.
                      During this pandemic, most of the humans lost their self-control which drives them to be a negative thinker. Before the virus kills them they kill themselves every day in the fear of dying. Self-Control can help them to live positively and happily till the last breath instead of being in fear and dying daily. Lost self-control can make us do some inappropriate tasks.
                      lack of empathy can cause being not able to share anything with others. Not helping others when they are in a problem especially your family, friends and neighbors. Having too much ego and not accepting other's opinions. All these are clearly not in favor of a pandemic attack.
                      Similarly, Critical thinking is also very important because one has to face many circumstances, and they require Critical thinking in order to have a hassle-free life.
                      Problems are a part of life and right now humans are having a totally different problem, As we know Problem-solving is one of the life skills so it can help us in many situations like During the lockdown managing healthy food without being in touch with others is a problem. Critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving can help us to get rid of any problem.
                      Use this valuable opportunity of improving ourselves because it's the only opportunity to invest the time on ourself, otherwise, our daily life routine does not have any time to invest on us. Going to school, colleges, office life don't let us look after us. A little self-awareness would provide you a chance to utilize this pandemic as a chance of self-improvement and self-learning to improve and grow for a better future.

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